Thursday, July 14, 2011

Registering for your wedding - Part II

Recently we did a post on registering for your wedding gifts.  OK great NOW WHAT???  This is a big question for many.  It starts with things like, Do I put those cards in my invites?  What about the shower invites?  What do I do if we get multiple of the same thing?  Below we have outlined many of the questions couple will ask or be confused about.

1. Upon finishing your registry you will be given cards or at least asked if you want them.  You do not need them so opt out of getting them.

2. If I don't get the cards how do people know where we are registered?  Add your registries to your wedding web page, map enclosed in the wedding/shower invitation or people will ask your parents or wedding party.

3. When can we open gifts mailed to us?  Open them as they arrive and write your thank you note for them right away.  Sign it with your maiden name and mail it (only use your married name on gifts opened after the wedding).  This lets the sender know it has arrived and you can get a few thank you notes out of the way.

4. What do we do if we get two of something?  Hopefully this will not happen if you didn't register for two of the same thing at two different places.  With any luck you will not get duplicates but if you do it is ok to return one.  Hopefully you are given a gift receipt for it and can exchange it for something else.

5. If you are sent a gift of money make sure you deposit it right away.  When you write your thank you note tell them how you plan to use the money.  If you plan to save up all the wedding money and use it for a down payment on a house, remodel work, honeymoon or anything else let them know.  Your family and friends will enjoy knowing how the money was used.

Here are a few tips for at the Wedding

1. Have two sided tape at the gift table.  Your attendant can tape down the card to the gift so it doesn't get separated.
2. Have a basket for cards.  It will keep them all together and you will not have to worry about any getting lost.
3. Have the best man or maid of honor take them to your place or the place you will open them.

Happy Wedding Planning
Lisa Marie

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