Monday, December 1, 2014

Save or Spluge

So you are engaged and now planning the wedding.  You are looking at dates and venues and wondering how much it will all cost.  Well there is GOOD NEWS.  As you plan your budget we have a few tips for you. 

1. First thing is to pick the one or two items you want to splurge on.
2. Make a list of all the things you will need.  (we can help you create this list as it will differ for each couple)
3. Put these items in order of importance.
4. Decide which things you can cut back on. (Maybe you don't need 3 signature drinks)
5. Decide which areas you can do yourself and which you need to hire out to the professionals.
6. Start researching and watch for deals.
7. While the idea of a large wedding might entice you it can quickly add up. Think about it this way. Per person food alone for a good buffet can run you between $30-60 per person.  Plus there are appetizers, drinks and desserts.  Then there is the added cost of tables, chairs, linens, plateware & decorations.  Some of these may be added into your venue or catering packages, Others may not. So that 200 person wedding can cost a lot more than that 125 person wedding and may make it so that you are unable to splurge on the items you really want.

There are also additional tips that can help you with deciding on what to save on and what to splurge on.

1. When picking the items you want to splurge on pick the things that mean the most to you.  If you really HAVE to have a specific dress then use that as your splurge.  If it is an amazing cake and great food pick that.  Just keep in mind that you can not splurge on everything.

2. Make a list of things that you really want for your wedding.  Remembering that you do not need everything that everyone else has had.  You may not want a photo booth or tons of flowers on your table.  You may instead want candles and other decor on your tables and want to spend a little more on videography instead of a photo booth.

3. Create your importance list.  You may have things you put at the very bottom that you are ok not doing in case you run out of money.  But at least this way you have a list to work from and helps to make sure that you spend your money on the things you really want.

4. What can you cut back on?  Do you really NEED 3 passed appetizers?  Can you get away with 2?  Do you need a full bar or instead can you do 2 signature drinks with beer and wine?  Talk to your florist, they can usually suggest a flower that can be supplemented to help cut back on some of the cost or help recommend ways you can use your ceremony flowers for your reception as well.

5. What can you do yourself?  What needs to be done by professionals.  Favors - You can usually do on the more budget friendly side and can be done by yourself.  You can also do some of your decor by yourself and sometimes you can do your programs.  Biggest thing to remember is that some things you think you can do yourself may not be a cost savings.  If you are inexperienced or do not know what things cost from different vendors you may not be saving yourself time.  With Favors our biggest cost saver is this - Make the favor something consumable.  These are the most popular ones and the ones we very rarely have left over.  And unless you want them at each persons seat you do not need to have one for every person who RSVP'd to your wedding.  Someone may not attend at the last minute, Couples may only take 1, Parents may not want their children to have one, and so on.  It is ok to only make 75 for a guest count of 100, otherwise at the end of the night you may end up looking at 25-30 extras that you spent good money on.

Most importantly, Even if you don't think it is in your budget sit down and chat with a wedding planner.  An experienced knowledgable planner can help guide you thru the process and direct you towards the right vendors and ideas that will be within your budget.

Thanks for reading today's blog article.

Lisa Marie
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