Friday, December 2, 2011

The Proposal

Hey Guys, This one is for you.  The Engagement Season is here, and so are we to help you out with any questions you may have.

Recently we had a consultation with a soon to be groom who is planning a special proposal for his girlfriend.  We gave him lots of things to think about during his planning.  Below are a few of our tips. 

Things to think about
1. Is it important to her to have her parents approval?  Remember to ask mom, dad or whomever. 
2. Remember that it doesn't have to be over the top, just special and personal.
3. If the ring doesn't fit it is ok, the surprise will be enough for her.
4. Do you know what type of ring she wants?  Here are a few tips, Does she wear a lot of yellow gold or Silver?  Chances are, whichever she wears, is what she will want her engagement/wedding ring to be.
5. Is there a location that is special to the two of you?  A first date?  Favorite Memory?  These are great places to propose.
6. Have a friend or professional photographer hide to capture the joy and emotions.  Just make sure she doesn't see them.
7. Think about something sweet to tell her.  Maybe tell her how you knew she was the one, or how just how much you love her.  Write it down for her to have forever but know if you can't get out anything other than "Marry Me?"  It is ok.

Things not to do.
1. Putting the ring in her food or drink.  No one wants to swallow the ring, have it in their mouth or try to put on a sticky ring.
2. Do not over do it.  Keep it to your personalities.  It does not need to be a big huge over the top proposal.
3. Do not do it at a restaurant or in front of a huge amount of people if your girlfriend is shy and it would embarrass her.
4. Do not make it seem casual or like an obligation.  This is something that should be special for her.

Enjoy this moment.  It will only happen once and you will want this to be a special memory.

What to do after she says yes?
1. Enjoy the moment, Say I love you (if you haven't already)
2. Keep it a secret for at least a few hours.  Something only the two of you know.  (if you can that is)
3. When you are ready to talk wedding plans, give us a call for a complimentary consultation about what to do first in your wedding planning.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who pays for what?

You have dreamed about your wedding and now it is time to plan and enjoy your special day. Setting a budget is difficult and stressful. Where is the money going to come from and who is going to pay for what? Traditionally, the bride’s family would pay for the wedding, however with the cost of a wedding skyrocketing, and more couples getting married later in life, these traditional roles are not as common.

Traditional Responsibilities

§ The bride’s family pays for:  
- Reception costs, including food, music, decorations, rental fees, entertainment, & favors
- Ceremony Costs including rental fees, decorations 
- Flowers for Ceremony and Reception 
- The bride’s wedding dress and accessories 
- Invitations, announcements, programs, and mailing costs 
– Photography/Videography 
- Transportation 
- Their own attire and travel expenses
§ The groom’s family pays for: 
 - The rehearsal dinner, including food, invitations, decorations and entertainment 
- Their own attire and travel expenses 
- A wedding present
§ The bride pays for:  
- The groom’s wedding ring 
- A wedding gift for the groom 
- Her hair, makeup, beauty treatments 
- Gifts for her attendants 
- Sometimes accommodation for any out-of-town bridesmaids
§ The groom pays for: 
 - The marriage license 
- The bride’s engagement ring and wedding ring 
- The honeymoon 
- A wedding gift for the bride and his attendants 
- The bride’s bouquet 
- Corsages for the mothers and grandmothers, Boutonnieres for men in wedding party 
- Sometimes accommodation for any out-of-town groomsmen 
- Fee for the officiant

When the bride and groom are older, or whose parents don’t have resources

The bride and groom pay for all wedding costs themselves and can choose if they want to split the expense between the two or pay for them out of one account. If this is the case it is good to decide how much money can be spent right away and put that money into a wedding account either all at once or monthly deposits. Checks can now be written from one account which makes it easy to track all expenses. By having a separate account couples make sure that 1. They stick to their budget and 2. They don’t spend money they need to live on.

A modern take on who pays for what at a wedding

After announcing the engagement, the bride and groom sit down and estimate what they’ll spend on the wedding.  They then approach their parents, let them know some of their thoughts and, gently ask, “We were wondering if you would be able to contribute to any of the expenses.”  The parents may look at the budget and offer to pay for specific cost like catering or flowers. They may also offer a set amount they are able to contribute. If their parents say they can’t afford to contribute, or only offer a small amount, the bride and groom say, “We appreciate you being able to help in any way.” After meeting with the parents the Bride and Groom may need to reevaluate their vision and budget.

Split the budget three ways

The bride’s family, groom’s family, and the couple themselves each pay for one third of the budget. Typically, this means they will each invite one third of the guests and with any help from parents they may have input into how they would like things done or often the type of food and drinks served.

Most importantly research, couples will splurge on one or two things.  That is ok as long as you don’t get carried away and start splurging on everything.  Spend your budget wisely and remember you can never recreate you special day.  Need more help creating a budget and figuring out how much to spend on what?  Give us a call and we can help guide you thru the process.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Real Wedding July 30th 2011

Each wedding we are honored to be a part of is fun and exciting and gives us all new butterflies as we watch a new couple pledge their love to one another.  This particular wedding was a great couple, young, happy and so in love.  We are so excited to be sharing it with you.

We absolutely LOVED this wedding.  It was so down to earth, family filled and fun.  The wedding took place on a private residence in the countryside just outside of Beaverton.  It was a 50 acre property with a beautiful house and patio for the reception. 

The Bride was walked down the aisle by her daddy which was lined with hanging Mason Jars filled with Wildflowers.  They were married under a white arch with a beautiful background of established trees and distant old red barn.

The couple wanted a country chic wedding and while the Bride did not have a lot of "wants" for her wedding she did have a few.  She knew she wanted wildflowers in mason jars with burlap squares on the table.

The wedding cake was made by the Grooms Aunt and decorated with some of the extra wildflowers from the centerpieces.  The cake fit the wedding and couple perfectly and was a special touch to the wedding.

At the reception guests were treated to a Tuscan Picnic style food with an anti-pasta platter, veggie trays, meat and cheese platters, gorgeous fruit bowl and a delicious pasta salad   Additionally, they had only a champagne toast with an Italian Soda station for their guests. 

During the father daughter dance the guests were treated to a very special surprise as the bride and her dad danced to a recording of her dad singing.  Such a special moment for them and for their guests (hard to hold back the tears).

The wedding party was a mix of family and super close friends.  The flower girl was the daughter of the Maid of Honor and was just as adorable as can be.  The ring bearer was related to the groom an just as cute.

From start to finish this was a real celebration of a lifetime of love to come surrounded by family and friends.  This really was a honor to be a part of and a wedding to remember.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Since 2009 we have been using the term "Wedding Specialist" and "Event Specialist" instead of coordinator or planner.  Sometimes people ask us why we use the word Specialist.  So I thought I would write a post about it and explain why we have chosen to use one word over another.

Specialist - Per the Websters Dictionary means - One who specializes in a particular occupation, practice or branch of learning.

Our Specialists are just that.  We specialize in knowing how to plan and organize your wedding or event, how to work with your budget so that you have a realistic view of what is important and where to splurge, we KNOW the professionals in the industry that will mesh well with you and your personality as well as fit within your budget, we can take your vision and know without much research how to make it happen.  We keep up to date on trends, finds, ideas and styles so that you can rest assured that your wedding or event will be all you want it to be.

We Specialize in knowing where to go to find the unique items you want to help make your vision come true.  We are true Professionals who have committed time and energy into learning the things we need to know so that we can be a Specialist in our field.  We are NOT photographers, florist, caters, filmmaker, we are your wedding Specialist or event Specialist. You work with the above professionals as they are the specialists in THEIR field.

Yes we do Plan your wedding or event and YES we do Coordinate your wedding or event however, we Specialize in doing this in the absolute best possible way, as well as, making your vision become a reality.  Do we plan or coordinate a wedding or event we see?  No we plan and coordinate a wedding or event YOU see.

While the term Specialist is not widely used in the industry it is one we have been using.  And yes on our marketing material we also use wedding coordinators/planner and event coordinator/planner.  But we prefer Specialist.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Upcoming Bridal Shows

The wedding season here in Oregon is almost at an end.  Which means it is time to move into both the Bridal Show Season and Engagement Season.  We have compiled a list of Bridal Shows in the area for you to review.  Dates, Times and Locations as well as linked them to the actual show website.

One tip that we do suggest is that you make sure you buy your tickets early.  Some shows can only accept a certain number of Brides at a time.  If you buy your tickets ahead for the time you want, you won't have to wait in long lines.

Send us an email at or call us at 503-830-7779 for additional tips on handling the overwhelming amount of information you will receive while checking out all the shows.

Shows are listed in date order

September 25th 2011 11am-4pm
Very Engaging Bridal Event Presented by Portland Bride and Groom
Location: Bridgeport Village
Cost: Free
VIP Brunch: $20 Purchase tickets in advance space is limited Saks Fifth Avenue OFF Fifth

October 8th & 9th 10am-5pm
Rose City Bridal Showcase Presented by Lora Heil-Frone
Location: Oregon Convention Center
Cost: $7

October 15th & 16th  15th 10am - 5pm &16th 11am -4:30pm
Oregon Wedding Showcase Presented by Oregon Wedding Showcase
Location: Oregon State Fairgrounds
Cost: Advanced Tickets $7
At the Door with Coupon $8
At the Door without Coupon $9

October 21st 5pm - 9pm
COMMITTED! Portland's Alternative Bridal Event Presented by Luxe
Location: Ambridge Event Center
Cost: $12

October 22nd &23rd 22nd 10am - 5pm & 23rd 11am - 4:30pm
Oregon Wedding Showcase Presented by Oregon Wedding Showcase
Location: Lane Events Center
Cost: Advanced Tickets $7
At the Door with Coupon $8
At the Door without Coupon $9

October 29th 10am - 4pm
The Wedding Event Presented by The Association of Bridal Consultants
Locations: The Benson Hotel Lobby & The Crystal Ballroom
Cost: Free

November 6th 11am-4pm
Bravo! Wedding Affair Presented by Bravo!
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel - Downtown
Cost: $15.

January 7th & 8th 7th 10:30am - 8:30pm & 8th 10:30am - 6:30pm
The Portland Bridal Show Presented by Expositions West
Location: Oregon Convention Center
Cost: $10 ($1 off coupon can be used either at the door or online, not available for Saturday morning entrance)

January 22nd  11am-4pm
Bravo! Wedding Affair Presented by Bravo!
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel - Downtown
Cost: $15.

January 14th & 15th  14th 10am - 5pm & 15th 11am - 4:30pm
Oregon Wedding Showcase Presented by Oregon Wedding Showcase
Location: Lane Events Center
Cost: Advanced Tickets $7
At the Door with Coupon $8
At the Door without Coupon $9

January 19th 6pm - 9:30pm
The Art of Weddings Presented by Jasmine Photography
Location: Pure Space
Cost: $12

January 28th & 29th  28th 10am - 5pm &  29th 11am -4:30pm
Oregon Wedding Showcase Presented by Oregon Wedding Showcase
Location: Oregon State Fairgrounds
Cost: Advanced Tickets $7
At the Door with Coupon $8
At the Door without Coupon $9

January 29th  10am - 2pm
Greater Vancouver Bridal Show Presented by Luxe
Location: Hilton Vancouver
Cost: Pre-registration $5
Cost: At the door $10

February 23rd 5pm - 9pm
VIP Tickets 5pm General Admission 6pmLuxe Bridal Event - Eugene - Presented by Luxe
Location: Hult Center for Performing Arts
Cost: General Admission $12
Cost: VIP Admission $35

March 8th  5pm - 9pm
VIP Tickets 5pm General Admission 6pm
Luxe Bridal Event - Portland - Presented by Luxe
Location: The Historic Tiffany Center
Cost: General Admission $12
Cost: VIP Admission $35

March 10th & 11th  10am - 3pm
NW Wedding Scoop - Presented by Muse
Location: The Governor Hotel
Cost: Registration coming soon
Be one of the first 100 to register and get a swag bag.

Need tips on how to survive a Bridal Show?  Email or call us and we will get you a survival guide.  Filled with lots of goodies to help you navigate thru you day. 503-830-7779

Lisa Marie, Summer, Taylor and Alycia

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Event, Party & Wedding Favors

Now that your event planning is fully underway there are some of the smaller tasks to take care of.  Favors; some people want something big and fancy, some want something personalized and others have no clue.  Below are some of our suggestions as to favors that are a big hit and a few that are flops.

Some of our favorites.
1. Double your favors as a centerpiece.
       a. Having a cool weather wedding?  Try custom chocolates as your centerpieces.  You can use rock salt blocks to elevate and create a beautiful display.  You can do a variety of chocolates and have cute "menu" cards made up to describe each one.  Check out A Yen for Chocolates for the chocolates and Puddle Jumpin Cards for the menus

      b. Maybe you would like to have some Signature Cookies?  You can have your custom monogram added to them.  Utilize them on your tables around the centerpieces or on the plates.  This way each person gets to take one home.   Check out Le Cookie Monkey for the cookies and Stacie with Micro Brew Media for the custom monogram

    c. Want to do something more personal?  How about having a custom drink made?  Visit your favorite winery or brewery and create and bottle your own beverage.  Have custom labels made and set them at each place setting with a few extra on an additional table.  Just remember you do not need one for EVERY guest.  Some will not drink and others will be too young, for those guests create something nonalcoholic or order some Jones Soda with custom labels. (Use your custom monogram from Stacie above to tie it all in)

    d. Are you the crafty type?  How about canning your own jam?  Can up a few different types, add a label with your date, the type, maybe a pictures and a small thank you note.  Guests will love this and they can take it home with them to enjoy later.  Not someone who can's?  Check out Pink Slip Jam.

    e. Maybe you like to cozy up with a warm drink?  Why not offer flavored hot chocolate or coffee?  Get lots of great and different sized containers.  Both multiple servings and single servings.  Fill them, label them and display them in glass jars on the tables.  Create signs telling your guest to enjoy a warm drink on a cool day on the two of you.  (don't forget to contact Sunny with Puddle Jumpin Cards to have some signs made up)

2. How about a candy buffet?  Set up a display of 4-6 different candies.  You can find them in your wedding colors or utilize your favorite kinds.  Get some clear containers or different types of boxes/bags for your guests to fill.  Having a hard time deciding how to set this up?  Contact The Candy Buffet for a consultation.

3.  Want something your guests can use often?  How about a set of 2 stemless wine glasses or maybe shot glasses.  Just remember whenever you do something like this you should always do them in sets of 2, so that your guests will have a set and not just 1.  This is a more expensive option but a nice option for your guests to have and use. (again you can use your custom monogram for these)

Remember these are just a few.  There are plenty more and you can always call us for a consultation to discuss additional options.  Below are a few that we recommend staying away from.

1. Photo slide show CD - It is great to show you slide show at your receptions but many of your guests are not going to want a copy.  They may watch it once but then it will just sit somewhere or be tossed in the garbage.

2. Mixed CD's - Your music taste most likely is not the same as your guests.  They may not ever listen to the CD.  You will spend time and money creating them and it is a nice sentiment, but if your guests do not listen to them, it is not a good use of time and money.

3. Trinkets - Think to yourself, would I EVER use this?  A lot of couples find things they like and think they are cute but are they useful?   If your guests won't use it, they either won't take one (and you will have lots left over) or they will take is and end it will up in a garage sale or drawer.  Keep them to things that you can actually see being utilized.

Biggest thing to remember is, you favor should be something that your guest see and think of you but that is functional.  Make sure it is something that will be utilized.  Our favorites are consumable items.  Not every guest wants to "take something home" from your wedding.  Additionally, you do not need to order 1 item for every confirmed guest.  Some won't take one, some will only take one (husband and wife couples may want only 1 item) and some will leave before they even see them.

Good luck and don't forget to contact us for additional help.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The right type of Guest Book for you.

The days of the traditional guest book have come and gone.  Couple want something that is distinctively different, something practical and something they will really enjoy for years to come.  So with our quest to constantly be your resource to planning, tips and fun ideas this blog post is dedicated to you.  Our clients, wedding, party, business function or just social gathering.  We have lots of fun ideas for you, some more traditional and some more outrageous.

First things first, lets make sure that your idea flows with your theme of your wedding.  Having a beachy/summer event or wedding?  Try a message in a bottle for your guest book.  Get a clear bottle, a cork, custom label and some colorful strips of paper that match your wedding colors.  Have guests write you a message and drop it in the bottle (tip make sure the pens are acid free to prevent fading).  At the end cork it and you can have messages in a bottle from all your closest friends and family celebrating with you.

Maybe you are a very outdoorsy couple?  You are using very natural decor and items that remind people of how beautiful the great outdoors are?  You can do wishing rocks.  Get a beautiful basket and fill it with smooth rocks.  Make sure they are not too small as people need room to write on them.  Get some fine tip permanent markers and let people write you a message on the rocks.  You can display the rocks in a glass bowl or basket in your house where you can read and reread the messages daily.  Another option is to get a tree and have your guests write on leaves (made out of heavy paper) and hang the leaves on your tree in your house.  A great way to add decor to your house and be able to read and reread messages from your family and friends.

Having a vineyard wedding?  Order a magnum of their wine, create a custom label with a picture of the two of you on it. Then get some silver pens and have all your guest sign the bottle.  This is something you can display in your house for years to come and will be a constant reminder of how wonderful your special day was.

Are you and your husband the artsy/creative type?  Maybe you would like to have a photo booth at your wedding.  Have this double as your guest book.  Your guest can take fun pictures and leave half the sheet for you.  Leave them some colored acid free paper in different shapes.  They can write you a message on those sheets and later you can put them all together with the pictures in a scrapbook.  A super fun way for guest to really get involved and have fun.


Are you a couple that always has flowers in the house?  Maybe you like to entertain?  Have you thought about having your guest sign a vase or maybe a plate?  Create a unique way to display your memories from your guests and a way to be able to see it everyday.  the vases can be used in many functions throughout you house.  And the best part is when you have your friends and family visit they can see that you are proudly displaying your wedding guest book for all to see.

Looking for something a bit more traditional?  You can always have guest sign a photo frame, picture album or a traditional guest book.  The important thing to remember is that this is YOUR wedding.  You are the ones who will take the "guest book" home and display it, read it or utilize it in a way you feel the most significant to you.

Still need help with coming up with something that is specific to your and your wedding?  Give us a call.  We have lots of great way to incorporate your theme and personality into your wedding.  Initial consultations are always complimentary.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who needs Film? Everyone!

As we work with each of our clients we like to put together a dream team that is perfect for their event.  Part of this is having professionals we can refer to who will match the style and personality of our clients.  Not all clients want the same things, however more and more are seeing the value of having a video of their special day or event.  Karyn with Black Label Films is one of our favorite filmakers.  Check out her answers to some of our questions below and get a chance to see her work. 

What is the Difference between a Traditional Videographer and a Filmmaker or Cinematographer?
The difference is mainly conceptual, videography is the term we apply to real-time , documentary-style wedding videos that are typically an hour or more in length. This is the product the industry has been producing since the 80’s. They remind of us of security footage, and you’ll end up fast-forwarding through the boring parts to get to the good stuff. The cameras are set up on a tripods and not much more effort is spent on capturing a story or emotions.
Cinematographers, on the other hand, are the up and coming new trend and eventually will be a mainstay at EVERY wedding, and I predict will become more popular than still photography as technology progresses. Cinematographers are basically the motion-imagery equivalent to fine-art photographers, assessing lighting, angles, and scenery in order to create beautiful imagery.
Modern Filmmakers differ from traditional videographers in that they spend time getting to know their subject.  During the shoot itself they make many technical decisions such as composition, lighting, lens selection, cinematic tool selection, and audio acquisition. In the editing studio, they will make careful sound score selections, and choose clips, pacing and color-grading (special effects) for an overall mood that fits the couple and event style. The final film is a time capsule of your day, taking you back to experience the event all over again, one moment after another.

Why Should I Hire a Photographer AND a Cinematographer?
Photographs are still moments, frozen in time. They are beautiful to look at and are the best option for enlargements to hang on your wall, and a quick and cheap option for passing out amongst family and friends.
Cinematography is the superior choice for preserving the actual EXPERIENCE of your day. The sounds, the sights, the movement, the emotions. Cinematography tells stories about the images it creates. You can see what’s happening, whether you caught it at the actual wedding or not.
Both art forms are important to remember your day by. But your film is the superior form of memory preservation because it can preserve movement, voices and sound. This is not only priceless for YOU, but it’s priceless for any family who couldn’t make it to the wedding, and to your children and grand-children.
Keep in mind also that you can take still images from your HD film and print them as 4x6 or 5x7 images, or share them in online photo albums such as Facebook, SmugMug, or Flickr. Have your film studio help you with this, if you can only afford to invest in one thing! An HD film still, is not as high-res as an original still image, due to camera limitations, so they aren’t useful as enlargements. However for regular-sized prints they are fabulous!

What Makes Black Label Films Different?
The fact that we are filmmakers and not traditional videographers sets us apart from 80% of the studios in Portland and nationwide. Of the remaining 20%, there are three things that make us the top studio to work with in Portland and one of the top studios nationwide. The summary is that we focus on your EXPERIENCE with us from start to finish.
Before the Wedding Service – we have an initial consultation with you and a separate consultation a few months before your wedding to discuss in-depth your d├ęcor plans, your concerns and questions, and a camera placement and lighting strategy discussion. We coordinate with your venue, planner and vendor team for flawless execution and NO STRESS for you or your bridal party! We have a monthly payment plan option for weddings 3 or more months out at no extra charge which many of our clients appreciate.
Day-Of Wedding Service – We focus on your wedding film as a fun adventure and inject laughter and fun everywhere we can. We always arrive 30-60 minutes before your paid coverage starts, and any footage we get after set-up is simply complementary. We only book ONE wedding each weekend which allows us to be creatively fresh. When you book Black Label, you will always be getting exclusive cinematographer Karyn Reohr who has trained under world-renowned studios such as Stillmotion and Ray Roman Films. We (of course) film only in High Definition using cutting-edge equipment, and we are fun and easy to be around, blending in and very discreet.
After-Wedding Service – Because we only accept a very limited number of events each year, we have an industry-leading turnaround time of 1-2 months. Most studios film like crazy in the summer and edit in the fall, winter and even into next year’s spring. We do our best to have ZERO backlog, which keeps our clients thrilled! We also are the most diverse studio in Portland. Glance at other studio’s portfolios and you will see a similar look and feel across their different samples. Black Label has consistency in superior imagery and editing. However, we can create a film that fits your style, from sentimental to vintage to country chic to punk rock. We LOVE the diversity of our clients and feel your film should reflect who you are.
Finally, I like to point out the rather obvious fact that I, the studio owner and primarily cinematographer and editor, am female. Why does this matter? While there are about 50/50 male vs female photographers out there, the video/film world is very heavily dominated by men. I believe this is the case because video is more technically challenging and technology is a traditionally male career. On the other hand, I have a Computer Science degree and spent 10 years at Intel so I love new technology. And my eye for fresh, modern aesthetics both in shooting and in the edit studio is one of the key strengths of hiring Black Label that you just can’t get anywhere else!
Thank you for taking the time to read this article. 
Guest blogger Karyn Reohr can be reached at
Also check out her facebook page at

Monday, August 1, 2011

Royal Wedding or my Own Wedding?

Recently while chatting with one of our brides we were asked about music.  Our bride, Amanda, was talking about how she was trying to pick music for the ceremony and was getting lots of "help" from others.  They are not having a very typical wedding and taking out some of the more traditional elements to create a wedding that reflects their personality.  One of her questions was "Do I have to use the music everyone else says we NEED to play?"  my answer "NO"  and yes I did almost shout it at her. 

Your wedding day is about you, the two of you.  It should be a reflection of your love and desire to spend your life together, thus being a reflection of your personalities.  It is ok to deviate from what others have done, it is ok to NOT do what your parents did and it is OK to NOT have a trendy wedding or a wedding like the Royal Wedding.  What Will and Kate did is not what works for every couple.

Do I think some aspects of the Royal Wedding will become trendy, YES for sure.  Some people will want to have a wedding similar to what the Royal Couple had and some will fall in love with some of the elegant looks that were created for the wedding.  Such as the floral arrangements all white in color and smaller bouquets.  Or maybe they will like the sleek look of the dress Pippa, Kate's sister, wore, they may want their guests to wear fun hats.  Do I think these will be some of the popular trends? Yes I do but gradually and it may take time as I think many brides will take little aspects.  However, I will still tell my clients that it is ok to NOT do what is trendy, to instead do what you feel represents you, as a couple.  Afterall, its your wedding, your pictures, your video and your day to commit your life to the one you love.
Photo credit oregonlive 
Happy Wedding Planning
Lisa Marie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

But it's too LATE to hire a wedding coordinator

Part of my job as a wedding specialist/coordinator is to educate others about what we do.  Can you have a wedding without hiring a wedding coordinator?  YES.  Do you want to.... that is the true question.  And NO it is NEVER to late to hire us unless it is after the wedding.

Our job is to make your life easier, stress free, the planning and actual wedding FUN and to ensure it goes the way YOU, our clients, want it to go.  Many times a couple will think "oh our wedding is just a few weeks away it's to late to hire someone"  Well no, this is still a good time to meet with us and we can make sure you have everything completed, and suggest how, what and where to get the last few details, then make sure it all comes together.

We recently signed a couple that was a referral from TWO of our past clients.  They had been telling her for months that she needed to call us.  She thought "we don't need someone they have an onsite coordinator"  Then, she realized there is a difference and met with us 18 days before the wedding.  She was lucky, we had her date open and she signed right away.  We have had two meetings to discuss all the details they are planning, find out what still needs to be done, (they are still working on transportation and a few other details) and get an understanding of their vision. 

Now in only a week and a half her wedding will go as planned and they are now less stressed, because she listened to her friends and decided to hire someone, us.  It is NEVER TO LATE.  Give us a call and see if your date is available. 

PS don't get us wrong you can always hire us at the beginning of the planning process as well but some people get to the end and think it is too late.

Lisa Marie, Summer, Taylor and Alycia

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Registering for your wedding - Part II

Recently we did a post on registering for your wedding gifts.  OK great NOW WHAT???  This is a big question for many.  It starts with things like, Do I put those cards in my invites?  What about the shower invites?  What do I do if we get multiple of the same thing?  Below we have outlined many of the questions couple will ask or be confused about.

1. Upon finishing your registry you will be given cards or at least asked if you want them.  You do not need them so opt out of getting them.

2. If I don't get the cards how do people know where we are registered?  Add your registries to your wedding web page, map enclosed in the wedding/shower invitation or people will ask your parents or wedding party.

3. When can we open gifts mailed to us?  Open them as they arrive and write your thank you note for them right away.  Sign it with your maiden name and mail it (only use your married name on gifts opened after the wedding).  This lets the sender know it has arrived and you can get a few thank you notes out of the way.

4. What do we do if we get two of something?  Hopefully this will not happen if you didn't register for two of the same thing at two different places.  With any luck you will not get duplicates but if you do it is ok to return one.  Hopefully you are given a gift receipt for it and can exchange it for something else.

5. If you are sent a gift of money make sure you deposit it right away.  When you write your thank you note tell them how you plan to use the money.  If you plan to save up all the wedding money and use it for a down payment on a house, remodel work, honeymoon or anything else let them know.  Your family and friends will enjoy knowing how the money was used.

Here are a few tips for at the Wedding

1. Have two sided tape at the gift table.  Your attendant can tape down the card to the gift so it doesn't get separated.
2. Have a basket for cards.  It will keep them all together and you will not have to worry about any getting lost.
3. Have the best man or maid of honor take them to your place or the place you will open them.

Happy Wedding Planning
Lisa Marie

We still have openings for September and October of this year.  And don't forget to check out our facebook page at

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who will marry you?

So a few weeks ago we had lunch with Steve from A Beautiful Ceremony NW and got a chance to chat about weddings.  It was lots of fun and I was really impressed with his pure love for what he does. 

What started as a favor for a friend turned into something he loved to do and became a whole new business adventure for Steve. He found a true love in helping brides and grooms come together to celebrate their love for each other.  He can customize a ceremony that truly represents the personalities for both the bride and groom. 

Steve has worked at numerous venues around town and as his business is growing he has added his wife as another option. Now you have the option of hiring a male or female to marry you.  Additionally they can create a ceremony that fits your language and cultural/tradition needs. 

So if you are looking, stop looking and start scheduling.  :)  Give Steve a call 503-808-9889 or call us to help plan your wedding and we will set up an appointment for you.  It is never to early to start planning.  Brides are already booking 2012 dates and the best of the best will book up fast!

Lisa Marie
Events by Lisa Marie

Thursday, June 30, 2011

What oh What to Register for (and how)??

You are engaged, planning a wedding, planning a life together.  You have made it thru many steps in the planning process and now it's time to register for wedding gifts.  This can be both fun and stressful and we hope that the below information will help guide you thru the process with ease.

1.  Prior to visiting stores sit down and talk about the items you NEED not just the ones you WANT.  Once you have your list you can attack all the registries in one day, yes grooms you should do this with your bride.

2.  Decide what type of stores you want to register at and it's okay to have a few registries, but keep in mind some people will buy you a gift that is not on your registries.  That's okay, just keep in mind they have purchased the gift because it reminds them of you or they think it is something you will enjoy.

3. It's ok to register at a high dollar store and an everyday store just make sure they are available to your guests.  Don't register at a store where your guests can only buy online as many want to go and see in person what you have registered for.  However, do make sure you have a range of items on your registries.  Do not register for only expensive things. 

4. Research. Check with your friends, ask what products they got and loved and what did they register for and NEVER use.  Read the reviews on items you like, if lots of people have problems with them maybe it's not the product/brand you want.  You don't have to do this for everything, but the larger high dollar items you will.  People will spend big money on those items, why replace them a year later because it doesn't work?

5. Do Not Register for EVERYTHING on the must have list the stores will give you.  Most of those you don't need, have never heard of or won't use.  In fact don't even look at the list till after your intitial registration visit.

6. DO register for at least 12 place setting in everyday and fine china, silverware and glassware.  At some point you will have a family gathering at your house and will need at least 12.  Most china patterns get discontinued after a few years and you may not be able to find it.

7. Print copies so you can review your registries.  Make sure you haven't registered for the same thing at 2 or more locations.  You will get multiple items and will need to return them.  This is when you can compare your want/need list, the must have list and your registries.  But don't overdo it.

8. Make sure you understand the registry completion program.  Some give you 10% off after your wedding on everything LEFT on your registry you buy.  Some give you points based on what your guest buy.  Make sure you read thru and get the most out of your completion.  Also check for free items.  Some china sets go on sale and when you buy certain pieces you get another piece free or discounted.

Below are links to some of our favorite places to register.
Amazing Registry
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Crate and Barrel
Marriott Registry
Our Wishing Well

Remember this is a fun part of the process and Yes it is OK to ask for Gift Cards and to ask an associate to help.  :)  Check back later for another post about registries including what to do with those cards, when to open gifts and for the guests when and what to send. 

For additional questions call or email.
Lisa Marie
Events by Lisa Marie

Monday, June 27, 2011

Travel in Style

So you have survived the planning process, or at least you are close to being done with it.  You are finalizing those little details and you want to really leave your wedding with a grand exit.  You may be wondering how to do that.  Well why not leave in one of the nicest cars in town?

For the same price you will pay to rent a limo you could leave in Oregon's ONLY 1947 Rolls Royce.   Maybe you are having your wedding in one location and reception in another, why not ride in style with your new Husband (or Wife) for some quiet time just the two of you.  

And better yet, you can even book them online.  Just go to the website and click on Contact us for a Quote.  Its just that easy.  This car will truly make your wedding a memorable event.

A ride for just you two, a grand exit from the wedding or reception, maybe even a special way to arrive at your wedding.  With many happy couples this car will not disappoint you.

Don't Delay Call for your Complimentary Consultation Today
Lisa Marie
Events by Lisa Marie

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Try Something New!

Many brides want to do something new for their wedding that will make it memorable but still represent their personality.  You may be one of those brides.  But you may be wondering What can I do.  How can I make MY wedding stand out and how do I do this and stay on budget?  Below is one idea about how you can accomplish this.

Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate.
Recently we sat down with Cristina Yen owner of A Yen for Chocolates to discuss many options for a wedding.  We have also included some pictures of her delicious chocolates.

Cristina LOVES her chocolates and loves working with them to create something that is special for a bride and groom.  So why not bridge your centerpieces with your favors?  Almost everyone loves chocolates and you can create a beautiful centerpiece that people will love and can take home with them.  
Here are a few ideas on how to do that.  
1. Use salt blocks to stack on the tables to elevate the chocolates.  Each table can be different.
2. Take small glass vases line the inside with thick ribbon in your wedding colors, add a battery operated light and flip upside down.  This way the light glows with your colors, then stack the chocolates on and around the vase.  This adds some light and color to your display.
3. Ask Cristina to display each chocolate in a box that the guests can take home with them.  Stack them on the tables in various forms with some open and some closed.  Put a note on the table telling guest "How sweet it was for you to attend, here are some sweets for you our friend"

This is a great way to save some money by incorporating two items into one.  It creates a beautiful display on your tables as well as lets the guest take something home with them at the end of the night.  Cristina's chocolates are delicious and your guests will love them.  You can create a packages of one or a variety of flavors in each box.  She creates each chocolate herself and will help you make your wedding unforgettable. 

But don't wait, call Cristina today to set up your own consultation.
Cristina Yen

And don't forget to check out her website for additional pictures of her fabulous chocolates, all the different looks and ALL the great flavors she can create. 

Lisa Marie
Portland Oregon, Wedding Planner
Don't Delay, Call Today

PS Did I forget to mention she does more than just weddings?  Call her for you next baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower and more. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beautiful Music for Any Event

Many clients ask about live entertainment.  Did you know there are lots of wonderful professionals in the Portland Area who can supply you with live entertainment?  Last week we sat down with Linda Smith with Notes of Celebration to chat about her services.  She has a huge selection of songs she can play for your event.  Haven't heard of her?  Check out her website at

Still working on songs for your wedding?  Give Linda a call to chat about how she may be able to help you by playing some beautiful music for your wedding, cocktail hour or even your first dance.  She has been playing since she was very young and even taught piano for many year.

Don't Delay, call Today.
Lisa Marie
Wedding and Event Specialist

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keeping up to date?

Make sure you are following us on facebook to stay up to date with all the upcoming events, trends, colors and other happenings around town.  Its also a good way to hear about updated in our world and great professionals we like to recommend and meet with.  Planning your own wedding?  We just may be the perfect Wedding Planner for you.  Make sure you contact us now for your complimentary consultation and lots of great planning material. 

And for you, little summer inspiration
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Importance of a Professional?

Many people think they can save money on their wedding by choosing vendors not professionals.  Below is a brief article of some questions you need to ask those who will be participating in your special day.  You WANT/NEED professionals at your wedding.  Not just vendors or Hobbyists.  You will have a much more enjoyable time and the wedding will be more successful, still need to save some money in the budget?  That’s just fine there are lots of ways to do that and still get your professionals.    

Here are some basic questions you need to ask any wedding professional you are meeting with for your wedding. Q=Questions, R=Reason the questions needs to be asked.

Q. Are you licensed with the state?
R. If they are not you may have less help if something goes wrong, and most people who are NOT licensed with the state are more of Hobbyist and less Professionals. 

Q. How long have you been in BUSINESS?
R. Make sure you ask business not industry.  Some people can say they have been in the industry but not in business for themselves.  New Business’ are fine to book with but you will want to make sure that they have all their paperwork, time-lines, contracts and business in order.   Also if they are new to owning their own business as for referral from past clients.

Q. Can I look at your Portfolio?
R. This will give you a glimpse into the type of work they have produced.  Make sure that they have a variety of images, events or ideas they can show you.  If they only have one or two events in their portfolio then they may not have the depth or experience you will be looking for.

Q. Ask to see a copy of their contract while in your consultation.
R. You will want to read through it before it is given to you to sign.  If there is something in the contract that would prevent you from signing it you will want to know before a proposal is given to you with the contract.  This will also give you a chance to ask questions about anything in or not in the contract.

Q. Ask if they have business insurance, If yes ask for a copy of their COI.
R. You want to know that they have taken the time to protect THEIR business.  If they have taken the time to do this most likely they are going to also take care of you.

Q. Ask for some testimonials or reference from past clients
R. There are a lot of online reference sites.  This is a good way to check and see how happy past clients really are.  Chances are if they are listed even without a testimonial they are less of a hobbyist.  If they have testimonials you can read them.

Keep in mind these are just a FEW of the questions you will want to ask.  We can work with you on additional questions that are professional specific during a consultation.

For additional support in choosing Professionals contact us now for a complimentary consultation.
Events by Lisa Marie

Friday, May 20, 2011

Reasons to hire a Wedding and Event Planner

There are many reasons a Wedding Planner, Coordinator or Specialist may be for you.  Some of which may include stress management, budget control and time.  Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and energy both physically and emotionally.  So why not sit down with a Planner or Specialist who can help guide you through the process.  Below are some details as to how a Wedding Planner/Specialist can help make your wedding run smoothly and have it be enjoyable for all involved. 

Stress – There are many decisions that need to be made and many have an intense timeline that needs to be followed.  Professionals need to be found, interviewed and booked, dresses need to be picked out and ordered in time to have them arrive and be fitted, Invitations need to be sent out with RSVP’s being tracked.  Centerpieces need to be designed to fit the overall theme.  All these things can make planning a wedding stressful but can also be things a Planner does for you thus reducing your stress and creating a memorable and fun wedding.
Budget – How many times do you get married?  Many people are not familiar with what venues cost, or how much they should pay per person for catering.  Wedding Planners/Specialists have the ability to help you wade through the proposals and negotiate them down or cut out what you do not need so that you are sticking to the budget.  They also know where to go for the items you need within the budget you have.
Time – you may just not have enough time to be able to plan your wedding.  Because of this you may fall victim to thoughts and ideas others have for you.  By hiring a Wedding Planner/Specialist you are able to plan your wedding the way you want it done while still having time to live your life. We also have no relation to your family and friends and can tell  them NO.  Creating your perfect day not theirs.
Things to consider- Day of Coordinators are fabulous when you want to plan things yourself but still want the comfort of knowing things will come together.  Regardless of if you have lots of decoration you want set up or a big grand entrance to be organized, a Day of Coordinator can make your wedding relaxing and fun.  They take on all the stress of completing the set up, managing the timeline, notifying other professionals and making sure things run smoothly.  Who wants to be in the bathroom when the best man tells the DJ he is ready for the toast.  NOT THE BRIDE that's why hiring a planner to help with your day is a good idea. We are there so that you, your husband, family and friends can all enjoy the day without having to worry about all the little details.
Why Hire Us?

Simple – We have experience with weddings from 50-500 guests, we listen to your vision and make suggestions based on what you are looking for, we work hard to make your day perfect and we are budget friendly.  We can help you negotiate many of your contracts to help you SAVE money as well as having an inventory of our own for you to rental, keeping your cost lower by not having to buy them.  Additionally we have happy clients and years of experience in the industry.

Lisa Marie
Events by Lisa Marie
Wedding and Event Specialist

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Complimentary Consultations

Did you know that we offer complimentary consultations?  Yep, that's right you can sit down with us and chat about your event at no expense to you.  This gives you an opportunity to get to know us before deciding if you would like to book us, however we are confident that once you meet us, see our portfolio and hear how we plan to implement your vision you will want to book us right away.  So don't Delay call Today!

Contact us at our primary number 503-830-7779, email us at and don't forget to check out our facebook page at

Lisa Marie
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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.  Please check back often or follow us as we continue to add articles, links and pictures from our events.  We look forward to helping you plan your events with style, paying special attention to the details, time-lines and your vision, so that you can enjoy a great time with family, friends, co-workers or whoever is in attendance.  Feel free to contact us at any time for a complimentary consultation with one of our three Event Specialists (also known as planners or coordinators).
Thanks again for stopping in.

Lisa Marie
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