Thursday, January 23, 2014

Invitations, RSVP cards and Stamps

Hello wedding planning couples!

We hope that you are having a great time planning your wedding.  As you begin to get a bit closer to selecting your invitations for your wedding there are a few things you need to know...

1. The price of stamps will be going up on January 26, 2014. This means you need to make sure you get the right stamps for your invites.

2. Even the price of a postcard stamp is going up.

3. Make sure you are aware of odd shaped invitations and RSVP cards.  They are not priced the same.

4. We all LOVE the adorable wedding, heart, and kiss stamps. But, if you buy them before the price increase (or already have them) and intend on using them after January 26th, you will need to add extra postage.  Save yourself some money and get some forever stamps!

Here is a breakdown of the cost impact to you:

If you have 150 people you are inviting, this means you are probably going to send out around 80 invitations (some will be couples but some may be singles).

80 invitations at the current rate of .46 is $36.80
80 RSVP cards (if using a postcard) current rate .33 is $26.40
80 Thank You cards at the current rate is $36.80

Total spent on postage is $100.00 (keep in mind this is a basic invitation size/weight and postcard RSVP card)

80 invitations at the new rate of .49 is $39.20
80 RSVP cards (if using a postcard) new rate .34 is $27.20
80 Thank You cards at the new rate is $39.20

Total spent on postage at the new rate beginning on Sunday the 26th is $105.60

Keep in mind this does not include postage for your rehearsal dinner invites or Thank You cards for bridal shower gifts.  So, while it may seem like a small amount of money, it will begin to add up. And $10 here and $10 there makes a huge difference. 

So you may be asking "what now?" Well head on down to your local store or post office and buy some forever stamps.  You pay the current rate and can save some money.

Thanks for reading and we hope you found this helpful.

Lisa Marie

PS when writing your text on your invitations make sure to spell out the date properly. It is two thousand fourteen.  It would not be two thousand and fourteen. :)