Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Emergency Wedding Kits

Every couple wants a perfect day.  Well there are times when a few things may need to be fixed, altered or worked on.  Because of this even couple who do not hire a coordinator should be prepared.  This means having an emergency wedding kit on hand.  The good news is you can put this together months in advance and have it on hand and ready to go, or you can buy them at The Wedding Cottage

When putting your kit together we recommend getting an inexpensive tub or tote with a locking top and handle to carry it.

The Basic Kit
2 - bottles of water                        2 - protein/granola bars             1 - package of almonds
1 - bottle pain reliever                   1 - basic first aide kit
1- bottle unscented lotion              1- toothbrush/ toothpaste          1 - bottle mouthwash
1 - package bobby pins                  1 - package of hair ties             1 - bottle hair spray 
1 - package safety pins                  1- travel sized sewing kit
1- package of kleenex                    1 - tide stick                              1- lint roller

This has most of the items you will need to get you thru your day.  Below is what we have and some pictures of how we pack out kits.

First we have very extensive kits because as we set up and manage your day there are a lot of little things that may happen and need to be taken care of.  So over the last 5 years our kits have continued to grow.

First is what we call our Bathroom Kit and below is a picture of it and what all is included.

First it comes in an easy to carry box with a handle.  Inside you will find.

3- tampons
2- pads
6- wisps (disposable toothbrushes)
1- package of cough drops
1- package Chloraseptic throat lozenges
1- bottle Aleve
1- bottle of Tylenol (we keep both since some people can't have one or the other)
1- bottle unscented lotion
1- Dove Powder Deodorant
1- package oil blotters
1- package kleenex
1- package puff pads
1 - package of each black & tan hair ties  
1 - dental floss                                                                       1 - bottle hand sanitizer
1 - package bobby pins                                                          1- tub of toothpaste
1 - tub of clear gloss                                                               1 - bottle of Visine
1 - bottle of baby powder                                                       1 - package of Tums
1 - 3 different sized mirrors                                                   1 - eyeshadow applicators
1 - bottle of hair spray                                                            1 - Manicure set
1 - travel shampoo & Conditioner                                          1 - razor & shave cream

Keep in mind this is still only a selection of what all in in there.   We also add things that you will need just for your wedding like finger nail polish in the color you are wearing.

Next we have our Sewing Kits.

This kit is the most used and has lots of items in it.  The picture is missing a few items but here is a list of what we bring.
1 - full travel sewing kits with 20 different colors of thread, sissors, needles, pins, and more
1 - hot glue gun and glue sticks
1 - bottle of gold safety pins (2 different sizes)
1 - bottle of silver safety pins (2 different sizes)
1 - package Deodorant Removing Sponges
1 - package of fabric glues
1 - package of Body Tape (to stick your dress to you)
1- package of fashion tape (for your dress)
1 - Lint Roller
1 - bottle of boutonniere pins
1 - package of Kleenex
1 - Tide Stick
1- package Shout Wipes

Then there is our extras tub.  This tub has all sorts of extras that are often needed for set up, getting ready and during the reception.

1 - package of straws for the bride
1 - package Wet Ones
1 - package Lysol Wipes
1 - package of clear 3M hooks to hang things with
1 - pair of sissors
1 - tin of altoids
1 - package of first aide gloves
1 - first aide kit
10 - packets of Spark (sugar free energy drink)
3 - packets of peanuts
4 - granola bars
3 - lighters
3 - pens
1 - picture hanging set
1 - roll of fishing line
1- roll of regular and double sided tape
1 - roll of scrapbook tape
1 - package sharpies                                                                1 - package dry erase markers
10 - table stands                                                                      1 - staple gun
1 - package of chalk                                                                3 - nice pens
1 - hammer                                                                              10 - nails
1 - multi use screwdriver                                                         10 - screws
1 - wire cutter

You may notice that there are some things we have in there twice.  There are a few things we keep lots of and therefore add them to different tubs in the kit.

 Lastly we always keep things in our kit that will help with entertaining the younger crowd during the reception. We always keep a minimum of 10 coloring kits.  These kits include a small coloring book, stickers and a small packet of crayons.  We have found that often times after dinner the younger kids need something to keep them busy.  This gives them something to sit and do so that their parents can relax and have a little bit of fun as well.  This is something that is always in our kits so it is just an added bonus to our client.

We believe that anything we can do to make your day a more pleasant one we will.  That includes making sure your guests are enjoying themselves no matter what age they are.

So you may be asking what we bring all this in?  Well here is a picture of the kit we use.  It has wheels so it is easy to roll.  We also have different compartments for different things so that each of our coordinators knows where things are and it is easy to get to them. 

Please note that we will add things that relate directly to your wedding to each kit.  So this may be adding some ribbon in your wedding color, bug spray or sun screen.  We may also bring an extra supply of candles and votives if we feel they may be needed and all of this can still fit in these kits.

So join us and become part of the Events by Lisa Marie family as a bride and groom.  Let us make sure your special day is a fantastic one.  Our wedding planners and specialists have experience making indoor or outdoor, large or small weddings a smashing success.

Lisa Marie