Monday, July 13, 2015

A Very Special Surprise Engagement

Back in April my Aunt contacted me to ask if it was ok to give my phone number to my cousin's boyfriend.  Of course the very first thing I asked and replied with was "Yes, is he planning to propose?" I was elated to hear that he indeed was planning something, however the planning was a bit tricky.

You see, Holli lives here in Oregon, Vincent lives in India. So not only did we have to deal with a time change but we had to come up with ideas and schemes so that Holli would not become suspicious when she was unable to get in touch with him for an entire day.

Vincent and Holli met while attending Hillsong in Australia, They became friends and he finally got the courage to ask her out. Close to a year later on what would be their 1 year anniversary of dating he wanted to give her the biggest surprise ever!

This surprise was not only being in the same country as her on their anniversary but proposing on their anniversary.  So Vincent and I got to work with early morning and late night conversations, plans, ideas, decor and most importantly making sure it was everything she would dream it to be.

To get Holli to the proposal spot I used my family to have a "family picnic" in the park. Luckily my birthday wasn't to far before the engagement but I was in Washington DC for it, so I used an excuse that I wanted to have a family BBQ at the Park to celebrate.  Our cousin Kristen drove Holli to the park and we came up with a great excuse for her to "kick Holli out". She sent Holli on her way down a road where Vincent was waiting for her with purple roses. The closer she got to him the more excited she got. She thought he was in a remote area of India, which was "why" she wasn't able to talk to him for a few days. So she didn't really believe it was him at first. Once she realized it was him she screamed and went running.  Probably one of the sweetest moments was we had her parents hidden so that they could see that moment.  However, Holli is such a sweet person that she didn't even suspect anything other than he was there to celebrate their anniversary.

Vincent walked her back down a trail at the park to a table we had set up with her favorite foods, Mexican. :)  Special thanks to Divine Catering for working with us to set it all up.

One of my favorite parts was watching her drop the book he made her as an anniversary gift and dive at him.  

Thank you so much to Leahana from Leahana Byrd Photography for capturing this special moment. Read about it on her blog here.

After the proposal was finished and I was able to come out of hiding we had more surprises in store for Holli.  A real family dinner which included her parents, some cousins & Vincents brother who flew out with him for the proposal. 

While we love everything about what we do, getting to be a part of so many couples special days is amazing and when it is someone we love as much as we do its even better!

Thank you Vincent for allowing me to assist in making your dream come true & allowing me to be a part of your special day!  Thank you Holli for allowing me to take you out for an unsuspecting manicure to get your nails done! 

Lots of Love! Looking forward to January!

Lisa Marie
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