Thursday, June 30, 2011

What oh What to Register for (and how)??

You are engaged, planning a wedding, planning a life together.  You have made it thru many steps in the planning process and now it's time to register for wedding gifts.  This can be both fun and stressful and we hope that the below information will help guide you thru the process with ease.

1.  Prior to visiting stores sit down and talk about the items you NEED not just the ones you WANT.  Once you have your list you can attack all the registries in one day, yes grooms you should do this with your bride.

2.  Decide what type of stores you want to register at and it's okay to have a few registries, but keep in mind some people will buy you a gift that is not on your registries.  That's okay, just keep in mind they have purchased the gift because it reminds them of you or they think it is something you will enjoy.

3. It's ok to register at a high dollar store and an everyday store just make sure they are available to your guests.  Don't register at a store where your guests can only buy online as many want to go and see in person what you have registered for.  However, do make sure you have a range of items on your registries.  Do not register for only expensive things. 

4. Research. Check with your friends, ask what products they got and loved and what did they register for and NEVER use.  Read the reviews on items you like, if lots of people have problems with them maybe it's not the product/brand you want.  You don't have to do this for everything, but the larger high dollar items you will.  People will spend big money on those items, why replace them a year later because it doesn't work?

5. Do Not Register for EVERYTHING on the must have list the stores will give you.  Most of those you don't need, have never heard of or won't use.  In fact don't even look at the list till after your intitial registration visit.

6. DO register for at least 12 place setting in everyday and fine china, silverware and glassware.  At some point you will have a family gathering at your house and will need at least 12.  Most china patterns get discontinued after a few years and you may not be able to find it.

7. Print copies so you can review your registries.  Make sure you haven't registered for the same thing at 2 or more locations.  You will get multiple items and will need to return them.  This is when you can compare your want/need list, the must have list and your registries.  But don't overdo it.

8. Make sure you understand the registry completion program.  Some give you 10% off after your wedding on everything LEFT on your registry you buy.  Some give you points based on what your guest buy.  Make sure you read thru and get the most out of your completion.  Also check for free items.  Some china sets go on sale and when you buy certain pieces you get another piece free or discounted.

Below are links to some of our favorite places to register.
Amazing Registry
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Crate and Barrel
Marriott Registry
Our Wishing Well

Remember this is a fun part of the process and Yes it is OK to ask for Gift Cards and to ask an associate to help.  :)  Check back later for another post about registries including what to do with those cards, when to open gifts and for the guests when and what to send. 

For additional questions call or email.
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  1. Great Article. Such a good article for many couples who have no clue where to start.

  2. Oh Love this one. I get so many clients who ask about registering for their weddings. Some don't have a clue where to start and are totally overwhelmed by it.