Monday, June 27, 2011

Travel in Style

So you have survived the planning process, or at least you are close to being done with it.  You are finalizing those little details and you want to really leave your wedding with a grand exit.  You may be wondering how to do that.  Well why not leave in one of the nicest cars in town?

For the same price you will pay to rent a limo you could leave in Oregon's ONLY 1947 Rolls Royce.   Maybe you are having your wedding in one location and reception in another, why not ride in style with your new Husband (or Wife) for some quiet time just the two of you.  

And better yet, you can even book them online.  Just go to the website and click on Contact us for a Quote.  Its just that easy.  This car will truly make your wedding a memorable event.

A ride for just you two, a grand exit from the wedding or reception, maybe even a special way to arrive at your wedding.  With many happy couples this car will not disappoint you.

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Lisa Marie
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