Friday, March 3, 2017

Forest Friends Baby Shower

We had so much fun designing and planning this Forest Friends Baby Shower back in the fall for our gal Miye and Baby Mariko. 

The Mommy to be is one of the sweetest gals you will ever meet.  And she was one of the cutest pregnant gals and big sister was super excited as well!

 With a nursery theme picked out we wanted to match it as much as we could for the shower and I think it turned out pretty darn close.

We set up family style table by putting two 6' tables together, then covered them with black linens, big burlap squares and added forest looking decor.  moss, rocks, wood rounds and branches cut to make small trees in glass vases.   And check out these adorable printables by Mish Mash by Ash that we printed, framed and used on the tables.

For food and drinks we kept it simple.  Mommy to be wanted a fun gathering for her and her friends but also something kid friendly for those 6-8 year old girls who would also be there. We hung a simple custom made banner above the table and mixed and matched our wood crates with baskets and galvanized buckets to hold the fruit, veggies, sweets and trail mix. For the kids we had juices and Mimosa's for the adults.  We found some adorable animals from We Lived Happily Ever After that we cut out and tapped to colored card stock strips of paper.  Then we tapped them to mason jars to drink out of.

We used real napkins and rolled the silverware in them, then displayed them in a dark wood crate.  To really bring in some of the forest feel we also included fun extras like lanterns filled with moss and glowing candles.

We wrote a fun little poem for the girls table and added lots of woodland and forest coloring pages as well as a woodland ABC's book for them to color in for the baby.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet little forest friends baby shower.  Keep in mind you do not always need a ton of things.  Our centerpieces and table decor was made up primarily of moss, tree branches, wood rounds and rocks. And we loved the large windows at fUSe Studios that let in lots of great sunlight.

Lisa Marie
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Just Say No!

We believe the best weddings are those that represent our clients personalities, tastes, likes and feel.  So when working with a client, we always want them to feel comfortable saying NO!  I know, it sounds funny right?  But here is the deal. We will take your vision and your explanations of your vision and create ideas for you.

But here is the deal, No one is perfect, Your explanation may not be 100% a vendors suggestion may not be 100%, but the fact that it's your wedding is 100%.  Which means Say NO if you are not 100% on the suggestion.

As a wedding planner I want every bride (even if they are not working with us) to walk away from their wedding saying "it was everything we wanted"

Here is the deal, If you don't want pipe and drape to cover a wall, just say no, if you don't want a certain flower in your arrangements, just say no.  If you don't want a particular food, just say no.  It is just that easy and no professional will try to force you into something just because they "think" they know better.  A professional may explain why they have recommended something heavily but in the end it is up to YOU!

This also applied to family and friends.  Believe it or not we hear more from our clients about how stressed the planning process is because of family more than anything else.  "Aunt Jane, says I need to have roses", "Cousin Sara said I have to have the same dress for all my bridesmaids" "my mom says I need flower girls" All great suggestions but if you aren't going to be happy about it on your day then just say NO!

Our dream clients, know what they want, want something that represents them and their relationship and most importantly can speak their mind with what they want.  In your first meeting with us you will hear us say, "if we suggest something and you do not like it just tell us. We are married and have already had our day, this is YOUR day!"

So do things differently, do things the same, but do them YOUR way!