Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where can you find us? Wanna Follow us?

Have you ever wondered where you can go to keep up with some of your favorite businesses? Or wanted to just check in and see if they are legit or still busy doing things?  Well other than here on our blog below are few other links to places you can follow us.  Feel free to join in our family as a follower, commenter or liker. :)

Check out our Facebook page here

You can follow us on twitter.

Check out some behind the scenes activities on our Instagram account

We are even on Pinterest with lots of pins and boards and ideas.

If you would like to find some of our wonderful reviews left by past clients you can check those out on our Wedding Wire page and even a few on Yelp.

Additionally we have a few other families of businesses.  Looking for a way to stay on track with your health goals, maybe cleanse some toxins from your system or lose a little weight? Maybe you just don't want to gain weight during the Holiday Season.  Check out what the Advocare Line has and our Fitness Facebook Page.

And finally, when your big day arrives and your are all stunning in your makeup wondering "how and where do I buy products to look this awesome all the time? Well we have just the products for you.  Tyra Beauty.  Highlight and Sculpt in a stick, Big Fat Daddy Lashes, Awesome eye shadows & so much more.

Of course we love having you all read our blog, follow our Facebook and even meet up with us at events.  We appreciate all the support we have gotten over the last 8 years of being in business.