Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 Things to do 4 - 6 weeks before your wedding

This is an exciting time.  Many of you are planning a summer wedding.  Below is a list of 10 things we want you to think about doing 4 -6 weeks before your wedding. Trust me all of them are easy, not stressful and very beneficial.  :)

1. Sunscreen/Chapstick - With the sun, comes the burn.  The last thing you want for your wedding is peeling skin or rough lips.  Remember to start wearing your sunscreen (if you aren't already) and a chapstick with an SPF of at least 15 in it daily.  Event Cosmetics has a great SPF chapstick.

2. Spray tan - Many brides want to have a little color on their wedding day.  Our tip is to not lay out in the sun as it is bad for your skin and instead try an all natural spray tan or bronzer.  Doing this 6 weeks before your wedding gives you a chance to try a color/darkness and if it doesn't work you have time to buff it off.

3. BUFF - make sure that you use either a sugar scrub or buff in the shower weekly.  Keep dead, dry skin all buffed off so that you have soft, touchable, glowing skin on your wedding day.  (plus it is a healthy routine to have)

4. Lotion - Find a lotion that makes you feel good.  Something that doesn't make you feel sticky, greasy or sweaty.  Personally, we like Aveeno and it is something that can be found at most major stores.

5. Lift Weights - If you aren't already start a workout for your arms.  You want sexy arms in your dress right?  Check out our Fitness board on Pinterest.  However, do not start any MAJOR new workout routines.  Last minute alterations can be really difficult if you lose too much weight.  Just firm and tone up those muscles. :)

6. WATER, WATER & more WATER - Hydrated Skin is Glowing Skin.  If you are having a summer wedding it will be hot, so make sure you increase your water intake weeks before the wedding day.  This will allow you to have beautiful hydrated skin.  It will also help you not overeat, help flushout your system, increase metabolism and best of all help your skin look nice and healthy.

7. Facial - We all know that some days you go to bed with makeup on.  So at the 6 week mark go get a facial.  This will allow you to really get clean glowing skin and not have breakouts on your wedding day.  (ps some people will break out about 2 weeks after a facial but doing this 6 weeks before the wedding will allow time for it all)

8. Final Dress Fitting - If you are needing alterations, your final dress fitting could come anywhere from 4-8 weeks before your wedding.  Make sure you schedule this time in to your weeks.  Still looking for someone to do those alterations?  Call Custom Fit to You.

9. Hair cut (and color) - 4 weeks is about the closest you want to do this.  Regardless of if you are getting it cut or trimmed, 4 weeks gives you enough time to have it still looking fresh but not so close to the big day that it doesn't work with your dream hairstyle (see below)  Check out one of our favorites Urban Colorz Salon

10. Final Hair/Trial Run - Some people like doing this as far as 12 weeks before the wedding.  However depending on your hairstyle you may want to do it as close as 4 weeks.  This allows time for it to grow out if you want it longer.  If you have your final cut and color at 4-6 weeks this will give your stylist an opportunity to do your final trial run with your new cut and color. :)

Ok there you have it, 10 things we think you should do at the 4-6 week mark of your wedding. 

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