Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The right type of Guest Book for you.

The days of the traditional guest book have come and gone.  Couple want something that is distinctively different, something practical and something they will really enjoy for years to come.  So with our quest to constantly be your resource to planning, tips and fun ideas this blog post is dedicated to you.  Our clients, wedding, party, business function or just social gathering.  We have lots of fun ideas for you, some more traditional and some more outrageous.

First things first, lets make sure that your idea flows with your theme of your wedding.  Having a beachy/summer event or wedding?  Try a message in a bottle for your guest book.  Get a clear bottle, a cork, custom label and some colorful strips of paper that match your wedding colors.  Have guests write you a message and drop it in the bottle (tip make sure the pens are acid free to prevent fading).  At the end cork it and you can have messages in a bottle from all your closest friends and family celebrating with you.

Maybe you are a very outdoorsy couple?  You are using very natural decor and items that remind people of how beautiful the great outdoors are?  You can do wishing rocks.  Get a beautiful basket and fill it with smooth rocks.  Make sure they are not too small as people need room to write on them.  Get some fine tip permanent markers and let people write you a message on the rocks.  You can display the rocks in a glass bowl or basket in your house where you can read and reread the messages daily.  Another option is to get a tree and have your guests write on leaves (made out of heavy paper) and hang the leaves on your tree in your house.  A great way to add decor to your house and be able to read and reread messages from your family and friends.

Having a vineyard wedding?  Order a magnum of their wine, create a custom label with a picture of the two of you on it. Then get some silver pens and have all your guest sign the bottle.  This is something you can display in your house for years to come and will be a constant reminder of how wonderful your special day was.

Are you and your husband the artsy/creative type?  Maybe you would like to have a photo booth at your wedding.  Have this double as your guest book.  Your guest can take fun pictures and leave half the sheet for you.  Leave them some colored acid free paper in different shapes.  They can write you a message on those sheets and later you can put them all together with the pictures in a scrapbook.  A super fun way for guest to really get involved and have fun.


Are you a couple that always has flowers in the house?  Maybe you like to entertain?  Have you thought about having your guest sign a vase or maybe a plate?  Create a unique way to display your memories from your guests and a way to be able to see it everyday.  the vases can be used in many functions throughout you house.  And the best part is when you have your friends and family visit they can see that you are proudly displaying your wedding guest book for all to see.

Looking for something a bit more traditional?  You can always have guest sign a photo frame, picture album or a traditional guest book.  The important thing to remember is that this is YOUR wedding.  You are the ones who will take the "guest book" home and display it, read it or utilize it in a way you feel the most significant to you.

Still need help with coming up with something that is specific to your and your wedding?  Give us a call.  We have lots of great way to incorporate your theme and personality into your wedding.  Initial consultations are always complimentary.

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  1. Great post. I love all the different ideas. Its good to be able to show the creativity that you have.

  2. These ideas are great! The hubby and I actually did a guest bench - Stephen built it on our deck, and we had our guests write happy wishes on it the day of our wedding. It's by far one of my favorite pieces in our house, and I get to see those wonderful words everyday

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. We really try to give our clients lots of options that fit with them and their event theme. ;)

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