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Event, Party & Wedding Favors

Now that your event planning is fully underway there are some of the smaller tasks to take care of.  Favors; some people want something big and fancy, some want something personalized and others have no clue.  Below are some of our suggestions as to favors that are a big hit and a few that are flops.

Some of our favorites.
1. Double your favors as a centerpiece.
       a. Having a cool weather wedding?  Try custom chocolates as your centerpieces.  You can use rock salt blocks to elevate and create a beautiful display.  You can do a variety of chocolates and have cute "menu" cards made up to describe each one.  Check out A Yen for Chocolates for the chocolates and Puddle Jumpin Cards for the menus

      b. Maybe you would like to have some Signature Cookies?  You can have your custom monogram added to them.  Utilize them on your tables around the centerpieces or on the plates.  This way each person gets to take one home.   Check out Le Cookie Monkey for the cookies and Stacie with Micro Brew Media for the custom monogram

    c. Want to do something more personal?  How about having a custom drink made?  Visit your favorite winery or brewery and create and bottle your own beverage.  Have custom labels made and set them at each place setting with a few extra on an additional table.  Just remember you do not need one for EVERY guest.  Some will not drink and others will be too young, for those guests create something nonalcoholic or order some Jones Soda with custom labels. (Use your custom monogram from Stacie above to tie it all in)

    d. Are you the crafty type?  How about canning your own jam?  Can up a few different types, add a label with your date, the type, maybe a pictures and a small thank you note.  Guests will love this and they can take it home with them to enjoy later.  Not someone who can's?  Check out Pink Slip Jam.

    e. Maybe you like to cozy up with a warm drink?  Why not offer flavored hot chocolate or coffee?  Get lots of great and different sized containers.  Both multiple servings and single servings.  Fill them, label them and display them in glass jars on the tables.  Create signs telling your guest to enjoy a warm drink on a cool day on the two of you.  (don't forget to contact Sunny with Puddle Jumpin Cards to have some signs made up)

2. How about a candy buffet?  Set up a display of 4-6 different candies.  You can find them in your wedding colors or utilize your favorite kinds.  Get some clear containers or different types of boxes/bags for your guests to fill.  Having a hard time deciding how to set this up?  Contact The Candy Buffet for a consultation.

3.  Want something your guests can use often?  How about a set of 2 stemless wine glasses or maybe shot glasses.  Just remember whenever you do something like this you should always do them in sets of 2, so that your guests will have a set and not just 1.  This is a more expensive option but a nice option for your guests to have and use. (again you can use your custom monogram for these)

Remember these are just a few.  There are plenty more and you can always call us for a consultation to discuss additional options.  Below are a few that we recommend staying away from.

1. Photo slide show CD - It is great to show you slide show at your receptions but many of your guests are not going to want a copy.  They may watch it once but then it will just sit somewhere or be tossed in the garbage.

2. Mixed CD's - Your music taste most likely is not the same as your guests.  They may not ever listen to the CD.  You will spend time and money creating them and it is a nice sentiment, but if your guests do not listen to them, it is not a good use of time and money.

3. Trinkets - Think to yourself, would I EVER use this?  A lot of couples find things they like and think they are cute but are they useful?   If your guests won't use it, they either won't take one (and you will have lots left over) or they will take is and end it will up in a garage sale or drawer.  Keep them to things that you can actually see being utilized.

Biggest thing to remember is, you favor should be something that your guest see and think of you but that is functional.  Make sure it is something that will be utilized.  Our favorites are consumable items.  Not every guest wants to "take something home" from your wedding.  Additionally, you do not need to order 1 item for every confirmed guest.  Some won't take one, some will only take one (husband and wife couples may want only 1 item) and some will leave before they even see them.

Good luck and don't forget to contact us for additional help.

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