Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Since 2009 we have been using the term "Wedding Specialist" and "Event Specialist" instead of coordinator or planner.  Sometimes people ask us why we use the word Specialist.  So I thought I would write a post about it and explain why we have chosen to use one word over another.

Specialist - Per the Websters Dictionary means - One who specializes in a particular occupation, practice or branch of learning.

Our Specialists are just that.  We specialize in knowing how to plan and organize your wedding or event, how to work with your budget so that you have a realistic view of what is important and where to splurge, we KNOW the professionals in the industry that will mesh well with you and your personality as well as fit within your budget, we can take your vision and know without much research how to make it happen.  We keep up to date on trends, finds, ideas and styles so that you can rest assured that your wedding or event will be all you want it to be.

We Specialize in knowing where to go to find the unique items you want to help make your vision come true.  We are true Professionals who have committed time and energy into learning the things we need to know so that we can be a Specialist in our field.  We are NOT photographers, florist, caters, filmmaker, we are your wedding Specialist or event Specialist. You work with the above professionals as they are the specialists in THEIR field.

Yes we do Plan your wedding or event and YES we do Coordinate your wedding or event however, we Specialize in doing this in the absolute best possible way, as well as, making your vision become a reality.  Do we plan or coordinate a wedding or event we see?  No we plan and coordinate a wedding or event YOU see.

While the term Specialist is not widely used in the industry it is one we have been using.  And yes on our marketing material we also use wedding coordinators/planner and event coordinator/planner.  But we prefer Specialist.

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