Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Postage Rates

Did you know that on January 22 the cost of a stamp for a standard envelope will be once again increasing from $.44 to $.45?  Are you one of the many couples who will be mailing out Save the Dates or Invitations in the next few months?  Maybe you are hosting an Anniversary Party, Birthday Party or even a shower of some kind.  If so it is important to know what your postage fees will be.  Check out our tips below.

1. Yes we all love the wedding stamp but it is not a FOREVER stamp.  Buying the FOREVER stamps now saves you money, it can be used FOREVER at the current postage rate.  Example - If you are getting married in August you will be mailing out your invitations in June.  If you buy the FOREVER stamp now at $.44 you are saving $.01 per stamp versus buying the stamps in June at $.45 a stamp.  Think that $.01 is not much? Multiple it by your number of Invites, Reply Cards and Thank You Cards. Adds up doesn't it.

2. Did you know the size (shape) of your invitation can change your postage cost?  Remember to check into what it will cost when working on your invitations.  Some square and over sized envelopes cost more to mail.  Ask your consultant if yours fall into the "normal sized" rates or if they will require additional postage.  If additional is needed you may want to check into your budget to see if it is possible.  The added cost to some may add an extra $10 - $40 just to mail (total budget increase not individual invite increase).

3. Did you know the weight of the materials used may make it cost more to mail?  Make sure that you take a sample in to the Post Office (or ask your invitations/stationary consultant) and check the weight and cost to mail them.  Many couples forget that their invitation will be heavier then standard mail.  Thus resulting in higher postage fees (often times not even realized till after they were sent out).

In general be prepared.  Work with a Wedding Planner or an Invitations/Stationary Specialist who knows what your invitations will cost to mail.  And PLEASE save yourself a little money and go get those FOREVER stamps now.  You know now that this is an area where your wedding costs will increase.  So why not be proactive and not let it increase. :)

Happy Wedding Planning.

Lisa Marie, Alycia, Summer and Taylor
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