Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new kind of Easter Egg Hunt!

This year we were asked to put together an Easter Egg Hunt for 10 little kids.  7 of the kids were her grandkids and the other 3 are her Great Nieces and Nephews. So in an effort to do something a little bit different we came up with a plan.

You see these are not Easter Baskets we were creating but instead an actual Easter Egg Hunt where we could deliver all the items to the client so that they could actually produce the event without having to do the work of putting it all together.

So here is what we came up with.  Since most of the kids are still younger we did not feel the need to have large amounts of candy in the eggs.  So instead we did 150 eggs.  (enough for each kid to find 15).  Then we came up with some other fun ideas for the kids to find and do.

First we took some basic brown bags and put each kids name on it and decorated them with a few stickers.  Not a ton just a few to make them look a bit more festive. Below is an image of how they turned out.

 Then we worked on creating a craft item for inside the bags as a little surprise.  We picked up some foam eggs and foam stickers.  Each set got 2 eggs and a collection of foam stickers to decorate them with.  We put them down in a clear gift bag and tied them off with some ribbon.

We also thought why not give them even more fun activities to find instead of just candy filled eggs? How about more crafts and activities to do.  So we found some small painting kits already put together, packets of outdoor chalk that we wrapped individually and a water painting coloring book that we were able to take out individual sheets and wrap up.

All in all the the Easter Egg Hunt items turned out pretty well.  Each child will have 18 different items to find as well as some fun crafty things to do that can help keep them busy during the day.

So why not try something different for your Easter Egg Hunt this year and remove some of the candy and add in some fun crafts and activities.  You kids will never know any different, they will be healthier and will have tons of fun with the craft items.

Feeling like teaching them something even more valuable?  Try egging!  Yes that is correct we said Egging.  It was introduced to us last year by an industry friend Nicole with Powder Inc.  You get to create an Easter Basket filled with goodies, fill some eggs and go and "egg" your friends house.  Spread the filled eggs in the yard, leave the basket with instructions by the door, ring the door bell and go hide.  Your friends will open the door and find a nice surprise.  Keep it going every year.  Below are some pictures of past baskets we have done.

Happy Easter
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  1. Thank you so much this has made it so much easier for my daughters easter egg hunt can’t wait to watch her do it.

    Marlene (Irvine Divorce Lawyer)